Double the Pell

UC Launches Campaign to Double the Pell Grant, Urging Additional Federal Investment in College Affordability

By UC Office of the President on February 9, 2021 in University

The University of California on Monday (Feb. 8) launched the Double the Pell campaign calling on Congress and the Biden administration to charter a more affordable pathway to higher education for America’s students and families. UC is partnering with the UC Student Association in the national advocacy effort to boost Pell Grants for low-income students across the country.

Why it’s time to double the Pell Grant

At UC Davis, students are leading a co-effort with UCOP, UCSA, ASUCD, and UC Davis Government and Community Relations to Double the Pell In 1980, Pell Grants covered more than 75 percent of the cost to attend a 4-year public university. Today, the maximum Pell Grant award covers just 28 percent.  We're calling on Congress to double the Pell Grant, so it reaches a maximum award of $13,000. This will make college more affordable and give students the support they need to succeed.