Haruka Hijioka

haruka hijioka image

Position Title
UCAN Student Ambassador


Haruka Hijioka is an international student who has a strong desire for challenges. 

"My purpose is to continue my long-term goals, which will be related to international development and foreign affairs, and to be a person who can contribute and be a source of change to our world."

Before coming to UC Davis, Haruka served as Executive Officer of Events for Philanthropy as an ASG (student government) at Orange county, Mission Viejo where she was awarded "Officer of the Year 2019."  Through her experience, she knows being an international student helps her to understand other points of view. Embracing this, she decided to join UCAN.

Haruka will be graduating 2021. She has a desire to go to Law school, to be an international lawyer, and serve immigrant people.